Friday, February 20, 2009

Surprise Visit

I feel a million times more human and mobile after going to see my wonderful acupuncturist this afternoon. Amazing what a bunch of little needles can do! He also did some acupressure on me which really helped. That and the fact that I was able to lie down for a whole hour, in the middle of the day, without having a toddler bouncing next to me or a baby attempting to stick his finger up my nose. It was heavenly, and a good reminder that I should never take my body for granted and that I most definitely need to look after myself a little more. I am going back next week, and have promised myself to make it out to yoga at least once this coming week. My little boob-monster of a son will just have to survive spending more time with his boob-less father.

My parents and brother arrived today for the weekend, it's their first visit since last May and it's lovely to have them here. Maia simply adores her Uncle Tristan, and spent a good hour chasing him up and down the road as he flew by on his rip-stick. The poor kid was so tired she actually asked to go to bed!! I think I could handle him coming down more often!

Prior to my parents' arrival, I frantically cleaned the house. It's funny, I really am not bothered by other people's houses being messy. In fact I strongly believe that a home ought to look lived-in and I feel far more comfortable in a space that is, well, lived in. And yet when it comes to my space, I am a complete neat-freak. As in I get extremely irritable if the cushions aren't plumped up just so and the bottle of dish-washing liquid has it's label turned away from me. So when I say I cleaned the house, I mean it. And I was a tired girl when it was all said and done. I was just cutting up my butternut squash for dinner in an immaculate kitchen when there was a knock at the door. Assuming it was my parents, I opened the door to find a different pair of Canadians: my beautiful friends Amie and Jacqueline were standing there, grinning from ear to ear. What a fabulous surprise! And I really do love it when people pop-in. I know it's not a very North-American thing to do, but for me it's something I grew up with in France. In the village it's not unusual for friends to drop by for a chat, get invited for an apperitif, and for this to turn into an impromptu potluck dinner as more arrive and dart back home to grab the half quiche from last night's dinner. I miss it, and thoroughly enjoyed having such a lovely surprise visit this afternoon.

Wow, I can't believe the time. I really must sleep, speaking of looking after myself and all that! I've got my newly finished painting tucked in under the bed, and a cat at my feet. I just need to convice Lonny to part with his concubine (his laptop) and I should be set for the night! Bonne nuit!


  1. I wouldn't say droppin-by is not a North American thing to do. Probably not a Pacific North West, or even west coast, thing to do. I grew up with impromptu parties and people just droppin' in to say, "Hi". There are even songs about it! Think "Louisiana Saturday Night" Having Canada and Washington be your only experience with living in North America definitely skews your view of it (same with living mostly in the South :)

  2. I'll have to pop in for a visit to Texas then ;)

  3. That and I realize I'm not being very fair in stating that it's not a North American thing to do, as I'm really comparing my experience of rural life to city/suburban life. A comparison that likely applies as much to the US as it does to Canada or France.

  4. Not to mention that the US alone is bigger geographically than Europe. We have so many different and blended cultures here! I just read an article this week that says the majority of 1st graders in Texas are of Hispanic decent :) Yet we are very different from Mexico.

    Hey, since you missed your Hawaiian vacation this year, there are lots of cheaper sunny and warm vacation spots in this country. There won't be a reasonable price on hotels in Austin very soon--as we will be flooded with SXSW tourists!