Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pasta Windows

This afternoon I hosted a playdate for the Attachment Parenting Group. We have regular get-togethers for our toddlers, during which we attempt to feed them a snack and do a craft without getting entirely covered in jam or glue or glitter. Or all of these. We never got to the craft today as the kids spent most of the time romping around the backyard dumping sand and dirt all over each other. They had a miserable time of course. And I always enjoy chatting with the moms. The stories we share make me feel sane, and remind me that it is possible for me to actually carry on a conversation with someone older than 3.

After surviving the happy but still somewhat exhausting onslaught of 10 kids, I opted out of my previously elaborate dinner plans and put on a pot for pasta.

Our house has single pane windows, and here's what happens:

Our neighbours (or neighbors to be correct) always know when we have pasta. They also get the privilege of viewing (in reverse of course) Maia's doodles, for my daughter can never resist the floor to ceiling canvas. This is why I don't bother to clean my windows!

And here's a terrible photo of the painting I am currently working on, with the beginnings of masking fluid applied last night before I finally gave in to sleep and crashed. Yes I realize this photo has nothing to do with pasta:

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  1. Oh and Jackie, this particular playgroup was for toddlers only, just in case you're wondering why I didn't mention it to you. I'll let you know when the next "all-ages" get-together is :)