Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Business is Blooming

They're finally here! My new cards, the fleur series, arrived today just as the first crocuses are blooming in our garden, cheery yellow against the dark, soggy soil. I am happy with how the cards turned out, despite a bit of a mishap at the printshop and some of them ending up with creasing on the front. Those are being redone. There's always something isn't there? Anyway, I'm very proud of the fact that these little beauties are printed with vegetable-based inks on FSC certified paper, using 100% wind power.

I spent much of the day taking photos, figuring out packaging/presentation, and looking after the two kiddos who are now both sick. The house is a disaster, but that seems hardly a concern now that I've had a glass of wine!

mi casa

Other good news; it looks like I have found a mother's helper/nanny to come and keep the kids out of my hair and paint a couple days a week. She is a friend, has her own kids and is uber qualified so I hope it works out. She starts next week, perhaps my birch panels will be here by then and I can bring out my oils. I have yet to figure out where to set up my easel in our 1100 square foot house. The family room is chock-a-block full already, so it might have to be in the living room. At least the light in there is fabulous next to the large window. This keeps me dreaming of turning the garage into a studio...

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