Friday, February 27, 2009

belly bisou in Mothering

I have a subscription to Mothering Magazine (my bible) and always look forward to finding it in my mailbox. It arrived today, and I was tickled pink to find that they published my recent e-mail to them along with my painting "belly bisou" and the link to my Etsy shop! It's under their "Love Letters" section. I had sent them a few samples of my work in case they were interested in having me do some illustration work for them, and hadn't heard back, so this was a nice surprise. I can now officially say that my work has been published in a magazine, ha ha. If anyone would like me to do a 2 page spread for them, however, I might still consider it ;) Okay, even half a page. A quarter?


  1. Well I will definitely have to go check that out! I subscribed to 1 year of Mothering when I was pregnant the first time. And while I enjoy some of the articles, lots of it just annoys me. I don't think I am their target audience. I'm more of a Fortean Times/Mother Jones type reader :)

  2. That's very exciting! It's a cool spot for it, too, because on a page with that much text on it, your eye is drawn to the square of colour. I bet lots of people visit your shop to see more!