Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting Snubbed in Kirkland

We had a lovely lunch with friends today, after which we decided to take a stroll along the waterfront and peruse the shops and galleries in Kirkland. After grabbing some much needed coffees, I spotted a furniture shop which looked rather like my kind of shop. As a graphic designer, I have a keen interest in all forms of design, whether it be industrial, interior, or textile design. And so I was very excited to come across a shop window displaying some furniture with beautiful, simple, unpretentious lines. Naturally, I opened the door and went in. And as it was mighty nippy outdoors, we brought the stroller in too. Oh boy, you should have seen the look of disgust on the saleswoman's face as we came in through that door. I almost turned around to leave, but thought "damn it, I want to check this stuff out." Besides, the kids sat there like angels, not a peep I swear.

After drooling over an Arm Shell Rocker and some fabulous mid-century inspired teak chairs, I made my way towards the back of the shop and past the two sales clerks (including the non-stroller enthusiast). I am quite certain that I hadn't suddenly become transparent, yet there was no hello, no smile, not even a nod. Ten seconds later, another woman walked into the shop and received a warm greeting, to which I promptly turned around, looked the sales clerk in the eye, and said " Hi! I'm doing well, thanks." Yup, I got snubbed in Kirkland. The sad part is that the shop is called Design Within Reach.

I think I'll just stick to flea markets and our local Farmer's markets from now on, where I am guaranteed to find smiles and a girl wearing tattered overalls offering my child a fresh organic carrot. Not much designer furniture, but definitely more my style.

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