Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

Every year the Deggan clan gathers for Easter on Gaviola Island. We decorate Easter eggs, eat far too much, and discuss modern art. The latter ought to require ear plugs for safety.

The last time we were able to make it was when Maïa was a wee babe, and so we were very excited to be able to join the family this year. My sister-in-law, who is currently in Germany with her boys for a few weeks, kindly gave us the key to her house on Gabriola, and we enjoyed the luxuries of hot showers and real beds rather than the tent or tiny cabin we usually stay in. We made it out to Gaviola on Saturday. The weather forecast, which had predicted rain with great confidence, was once again proved wrong and we were blessed with a gorgeous warm spring sun. We walked around the island and both Lonny and I went a little camera happy (see photos below!).

On Sunday we had an egg hunt in the rain (the forecast had predicted sun on that day). Maïa didn't seem to notice, however, and was delighted with her soggy chocolate eggs. And speaking of eggs...on our way home to Seattle, after stopping for a quick visit with Grandma in White Rock, we drove to the border and were delighted to find that there was no lineup. I was especially delighted mostly because I had to pee and was looking forward to stopping in Blaine at the gas station to fill up, and, well, empty.

The border guard asked us the usual questions, to which we replied: " Bellevue, and just an Easter basket." He raised his eyebrows, and asked if we had any Kinder Eggs. Lonny was telling him no when I looked around to check Maïa's basket, only to find a Kinder Egg sitting atop it, in plain view. I immediately notified Lonny, who notified the guard, who actually went a bit pink and said it would be seized and destroyed but we wouldn't be fined this time. At this point we were still both thinking that this was some sort of a joke, although were well aware that border guards don't usually have a sense of humour. We did our utmost not to laugh as we were asked to pull over, leave the vehicle and enter a building while they searched the car for drugs, weapons, and, I suppose, more eggs.

Once inside, no less than five guards, all at least six foot four and twice as wide, confiscated our contraband and began the paperwork. We were notified that the egg was a choking hazard, and would be destroyed by fire. At this point Lonny and I were no longer able to control our giggles. This was not helping my situation, and my bladder was protesting. I searched for the restrooms, only to discover that I had been sitting next to a large sign which read: No cell phones, No restrooms. And the guard was making his fifth attempt at spelling Bellevue, with the assistance of the other four guards who were taking turns hitting the delete key.

I can say I was extremely relieved to be released, despite the fact that Maïa's little basket was short one egg. I hope they at least ate the damn thing, that's some pretty tasty chocolate. Perhaps they were planning a chocolate fondue?

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  1. Gotta keep those chocolate eggs outta the country!!! lol

    It weirds me out every time one of you talk about "warm sunshine" up there! I never felt warm sunshine the entire time I lived there!! Of course I giggle and feel normal every time I hear a friend down here say, "It was FREEZING!! this morning--like 55 degrees!!" :) Seriously, anything less than 60 IS freezing!