Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Sowing

Spring is here, and none too early. I am already enjoying the sun accompanying us through dinner, and the sweet chirping of birds in our garden. Speaking of garden, I finally got my seeds started today. Lonny is building me a raised plant bed for my veggies and herbs. I've always had a strawberry patch, tomatoes and a few pots by the kitchen window for basil, but this is my first official vegetable garden, I'm very excited! Maïa and her little friend Oana were very happy to give a helping hand. In fact, they were SO enthusiastic that I think some of these little pots must contain half a seed packet each! Sowing the seeds today was very satisfying, kind of like putting a few batches of muffins in the oven. Only it takes a little longer to bake...Maïa has already checked her pots three times in the last hour!


  1. Yeah, I missed planting season this year. I didn't have the rocks out of the patch in time.

    And what sun? You mean the cloudy daylight? I don't remember any sun in March! I'm really going to miss the sun when we get up there at the end of April :(

  2. Sometimes it really is the sun! But yes, lots of cloudy daylight too.