Monday, March 30, 2009

Maïa working on her Sudoku

Kieran working on his Sudoku

Maïa and her recent work from preschool on display

On Friday afternoon, Maïa broke down in tears and told me she was tired of going to too many places, told me she needed her Papa, and asked to go to bed. I tucked her in, and while she napped, I sat down to a cup of tea and reflected on what she had told me. I had to admit that I felt the same way.

We are a fairly quiet family, I think, compared to most. We spend a lot of time at home, choosing and enrolling in only one class or activity per season, and getting together for weekly playdates with families who share our desire for a simple home. Maïa likes nothing more than to be home, where her creative play weaves a colourful pattern of toys throughout the house. She likes to sing while she plays.

The last few weeks, however, have entailed trips up to Vancouver to help Grandma move, not much of Papa who was busy working, many, many birthday parties, and in general, just too much. I knew we had to change gears, and so I canceled our plans for the weekend, feeling a little guilty about being anti-social but relishing the thought of a quiet two days at home with the family.

Saturday was rainy and lazy. On Sunday the sun came out and we went outside. That afternoon, I looked up from my planting to see Maïa sitting on the stone wall at the end of the garden, arranging a feast of leaves and dandelion flowers for her little doll. Not far, her Papa and our friend Matthew (who counts as family) were working on building my raised bed. And when I heard the sweet sound of her singing, I knew life was back to normal.

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