Friday, March 13, 2009

Pretty Recycling

It's been a week since I last posted! Where has the time gone? It's certainly been a busy week. We made a trip up to Vancouver over the weekend to help Grandma move. This involved a lot of boxes, sushi, and swearing. Typical moving stuff. Upon our return home, I came down with a full-blown sinus infection. This involves a lot of tissue, no sushi, and lots of swearing.

And now there is laundry to do, dinner to think of, beds to make, and toys to put away, which is exactly why I decided to give up on my domestic duties and do something creative. I am a bit of a paper slut, and finally found a use for some gorgeous papers I have been stashing away. I rummaged through the recycling and revived this old cocoa tin, thought it came out looking quite pretty. Now I can use it for tea, although somehow suspect Maia will claim it for her collection of marbles, twigs, barrettes and rocks. Might even end up with a few worms in it.

I think I'd better get to work on dinner. Hot chocolate perhaps? That second tin of cocoa needs a makeover!

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