Sunday, January 10, 2010

noel 2009

Blessings for the new year and hoping you all had a lovely Christmas! We certainly did. Our little house was full full full, as were we after turkey dinner. And the children got spoiled completely rotten as usual.

We started the new year by adding another Greyhound to the family. Apparently it wasn't crazy enough around here. Bella is sweet and gentle and settling in nicely. On the sofa, more specifically, with kids tucked around her. We are madly in love with her and can't possibly imagine life without her.

:: Christmas Baubles ::

:: Same baubles about to be turned into miniature terraniums ::

:: The sun made an appearance for breakfast ::

:: I was quite happy with the results apparently ::

:: Digging in ::

:: Outdoor fun on Christmas Day ::

:: The celebrations continue at the Deggan house a few days later ::


  1. I want to see the miniature terraniums in Christmas balls!!! Sounds like a fabulous idea!
    Happy New Year to you and your family : )

  2. I'll take a photo of them as soon as I figure out where the blasted camera is! We put moss and paper butterflies in them and hung them in Maia's room, c'est joli!