Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little Green Steps

No more disposable cotton balls or pads for us anymore! Got these yesterday, and they are so soft. Kinder on my eyelids than cotton makeup remover pads, in fact. And love that they come with a little bag for washing. And really happy that everything was sent to me without any plastic packaging.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Stroll along the beach in La Tranche

Summer has arived in Seattle! And we feel very spoiled because although our friends and family here in the Pacific North West had to wait until the end of July for this to happen, we escaped to France at the end of June, where it already felt like August. So it's pretty much been 5 weeks of gorgeous sunshine for us so far, with a few sprinkles of rain here and there, and it's been divine. And for the first time in years, I have a tan! Despite sunblock and sunhats and always seeking out shade, we haven't escaped getting sun-kissed and freckled. And here I was convinced that Titanium white with a slight tinge of blue was my only possible colouring.

And France was, well, French. Warm summer days filled with friends and family, fabulous food and gorgeous light, old stones and siestas. It was still definitely home too, the family house and small village a huge anchor in a world full of change. I loved seeing familiar faces, visiting with old friends, introducing our little ones to my old preschool teacher...I miss it already.

And after a week in Montaigut, we drove our little VW rental car West to the beach, where the smell of pine trees and my grandparents' little white house welcomed us. This was our first time bringing the children there, and it was very moving to step into the house with the third generation of little ones. It really doesn't seem all that long ago that I sat at the dining table, eating breakfast with my meme and pepe.

The children are so happy to be home though, and our little 50's house certainly felt like home as we stepped through the door, with our four-legged family members awaiting us, the garden gone wild, and the phone blinking with messages from our dear friends and family here anxious to see us again. And I shouldn't say our little house! After 3 weeks in France, this house is HUGE. The washing machine is huge. Our car is huge. The bed is huge. And the fridge, well, it's bigger than huge. Don't get me started on the television!

Well the sun is out, which means one thing: I have to get off this machine and outside. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!



Visit with my mother's Godmother, Jacqueline.

Une promenade en famille.

The local market.

Seeking shade in the heat of the day.

Our bedroom window.

Hanging out with Uncle Tristan.

Babette's salade Nicoise.

Blue sky above La Colombelle.