Thursday, May 12, 2011

:: A story written and illustrated by Miss Maia while at school ::

I am finally coming out of hibernation. After weeks of hobbling around with a cane like an arthritic centenarian, I can now finally walk somewhat normally. If you've never had a back injury, let me tell you this: never take your back for granted!! Trust me, it's kind of essential. Not being able to walk or put your own socks on sucks. Big time. What happened to me? Well, after two pregnancies, lots of baby holding, and doing silly things like ripping up bathroom floors and attempting new yoga moves all in the same day, my back gave out. Big time. MRI shows three slipped discs and one severely pinched nerve. I could have told the radiologist about the latter. Made childbirth seem like a walk in the park.

This injury was certainly a good, albeit painful reminder not to take anything for granted. It has made me appreciate my slow but steady return to health, and just how lovely it is to be able to care for my family again. The floors are covered in dust bunnies and toys, but that hardly seems important when I can now manage to cook dinner, join the family for walks around the neighbourhood, and put my own socks on again.

And the sunshine is out. It's flirting with us, in true Seattle style, but hey, I'll take that over battleship grey. The kids are outside getting covered in dirt, driving their trucks over two sunbathing greyhounds. All sorts of things are growing and the garden is full of freshness and bright greens and colour again. Life is good. I hope everyone is having a good day and is able to take a moment to appreciate all that you have and all that your beautiful body allows you to do!