Monday, July 26, 2010

BAM artsfair 2010!

It's Monday, July 26th, and that means I have officially survived the weekend! Hooray! I spent the last three days at the Bellevue Arts Museum Artsfair, selling my paintings and prints. And yup, I was nervous as hell last Thursday night, this being my first big, juried show. But an hour in, I had sold my first painting and was already blushing (beet red actually) at all the really lovely, positive comments. The long hours ended up going by very quickly as it was busy, and people wanted to stop and chat, which was lovely. And I had lots of friends stop by too, which always helps!

I lucked out and had great booth neighbours, Martha Monson Lowe with her incredibly graceful baskets, and Paul Counts who was as cheerful and entertaining as his colourful blown glass teapots and vases. All in all it was exhausting but fun! Lots of great folks and good art. A good combo. My two favourites of the show were there again: Brian Blackham with his monochromatic jars, and Diane Culhane who speaks to my fauve-loving soul. I wouldn't exactly mind sacrificing some (or all!) of our wall space for their work, and if Greg Klassen could please furnish the place then I'd officially be living in heaven...ah well, a few more artsfairs before I can treat myself to some of those goodies!!

I'll leave you with some of the comments I heard about my work. Apparently I don't do dark and tormented all that well, which is just fine by me. I'll take smiles and laughter any day:







You've made my day and I've only been here 5 minutes.


You look like one of the characters in your paintings.


and the best...

"Your lipstick matches your work!" Er, that was intentional of course.