Saturday, February 27, 2010

good news!

Six years after getting hitched, we finally made it to Maui for our honeymoon! Two kids, Grandma, and my youngest brother in tow meant a little more luggage and noise than we had first envisioned for our honeymoon, but we managed to find a ridiculously large taxi van to stuff everything and everyone into, actually made it to the airport on time, and even managed to have a lovely, relaxing week away.
And now it's back to reality. Which for me means finally setting up a proper studio space in the garage, followed by nail biting and a series of panic attacks, followed by prolific painting and much swearing and record-breaking consumption of goat cheese. And maybe a glass of wine or two. Why? Because I got into the Bellevue Arts Museum arstfair!!! Which is kind of a big deal. Promise me you'll stop by to say hello if you're in the Seattle area this July, it's quite the show.

Alright, I'd better get started on that studio space...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!



Friday, February 5, 2010

pickled pink

Has it really been a year since I started this blog? Apparently so, as here I am posting valentine's crafts once again. Maia made all 25 cards in one go this afternoon, phew! And she's planning on making more for family and friends outside of school. Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed with my 4 year old's ability to sit and concentrate and see the project to completion.

The mason jar stamp was perfect for a little girl who loves all things pickled! And in the process we all got covered in glitter and I think we'll be sparkly for the next 50 years at least!

Good to eat, apparently!