Monday, July 27, 2009

The artist in her booth, trying not to melt.

Phew, what an insane last couple of weeks!! Preparing for a craft fair as a mother of two must be harder than climbing Everest. But I did it, and somehow it is over and we have all survived.

The craft fair itself was, unfortunately, a complete flop in terms of sales, largely to blame on the fact that it was quite simply the wrong audience and I was very much out of place as an artsy gal trying to sell prints to people looking to buy kettle corn and hot dogs. Vendors who had previously attended the fair did remark that sales were down at least 50%, a sign I suppose of the current state of the economy. Ah well, I did learn how to set up and take down my display, I met some wonderful vendors, did too much shopping and came home with lots of goodies. I also learned that outdoor fairs in July are not a good idea for me: I wilt in the heat, and my dear husband had to come to my rescue. I am honestly married to the most wonderful man in the universe. He sat in the heat, behind sweet peas and lavender, promoting my work with a smile and much charm, and he did not complain once. When I went back to the fair for my cooler, evening 'shift', the other vendors couldn't say enough about what a wonderful guy he is. Sigh. I know. What a lucky woman I am. He even put up with me dragging him to the Bellevue Arts Fair (which I am going to apply to for next year) on Sunday afternoon.

And now the kids need a bath and the house, well, I just won't go into details. But before I leave you, here are some of the goodies I came home with, as well as some painters I fell in love with at the Bellevue Arts Fair. Enjoy!

A Mason bee house from Able Wood Design.

An air plant!! Yup, no roots, no planter. Official name:Tillandsia, bought from Owens Garden.

Fiona, who came to visit and owns this print as a giclee on canvas in her nursery. Apparently she likes to wake up each morning and point out the bird, sunflower, and cloud! Clever girl. Good taste too :)

Reusable, dishwasher/washing machine safe snack and sandwhich bags from
So excited to find these! Business in owned by two local moms.

And what girl can resist beautiful jewelry? One pair for me (long, dangly ones) and one pair for one of my lucky girlfriends...Su of SuStudioJewelry is as elegant as her creations.

My fauvist soul fell in love with paintings by Diane Culhane at the Bellevue Arts Fair. Lonny, my 30th Birthday is coming up...

And apparently I have some minimalist in me because I also love Brian Blackham's bottles (also at the Bellevue Arts Fair). They remind me of a family portrait. The windowsills in my parents' home in France are decorated with several of these 'families'.